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**Since Lollipop, things haven't been ideal, so I've decided to no longer charge for this app. Feel free to use it, but any remaining bugs are unlikely to be addressed! **

Does it annoy you that in Android 4.0 (ICS) and above, the ability to unlink the Notification and Ringer volume has been removed? It annoys the heck out of me! At night time I want my notification volume muted, but my ringer volume turned up so I don't miss calls. It has bugged me so much since I switched to ICS that I decided to write an app to "work around" the issue.

So, what does the app do? Well when your phone rings or receives an SMS it tells the phone to ignore the system sound settings in regards to notification volume/vibration, and uses the settings specified within this app instead.

* Now With Blackberry style Sound Profiles! Something I've been working on forever!
* Now also with integration into Locale, Tasker and Llama!

Not sure if you're ready to invest in ICS+ Enhanced Ringer Control just yet? Check out the trial version first! Fully functional 48 hour time-limited version:


Please don't just leave negative comments if you find issues, or something isn't working correctly. I have no way of directly replying to them! PLEASE report them to icsenhancedringercontrol@gmail.com and I will squash any issues you encounter ASAP.

**Jellybean Users** It's confirmed working fine for many users on JB - both 4.1.x and 4.2.x

Full instructions - http://goo.gl/Zndaq

Basic Instructions:

After installing the app, open it, then set your usual alert volume (this affects emails/facebook/twitter/stuff like that) and whether you want it to vibrate or not. Next, choose the volume you want the ringer to be, and whether you want it to vibrate or not. Then, choose the volume you want your SMS notification to be and whether you want it to vibrate or not, then finally check the "enable" box in the bottom-right corner of the SMS box to enable it. At this point, when you receive a phone call or sms, it will ignore the notification volume settings, and use these settings instead.

At any time, you can decide whether to add the app to the notification bar for easy access and to quickly see if ICS+ Enhanced Ringer Control is enabled or not. Just check the box labelled "Show Icon in Notification Bar".

To disable ICS+ Enhanced Ringer Control, just launch the app again and uncheck the last checkbox. The regular notification volume settings will kick in as per normal.

This application will run in the background, no need to keep the app on your screen, and will auto-start in the background when you reboot.

Permissions Explained:

"RECEIVE SMS" - the app needs to know when you receive an SMS so that it can apply the alternate sound settings temporarily

"READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY" - this is the permission that tells the app that the phone is ringing. When this event is detected, it applies the alternate sound settings until the phone stops ringing.

"RECEIVE BOOT COMPLETED" - once the phone finishes booting up, this permission allows the app to be aware of the reboot and start itself up. You wouldn't want to have to remember to start the app every time you reboot would you??

*** GO SMS PRO users, for ICS Enhanced Ringer Control to work for SMS you must do this -> In Go SMS Pro, go to Settings > Advanced > Receive Settings ... and uncheck "Disable other message notification". Then go into the stock SMS app, and disable notifications manually from in there. It "might" already be disabled, but its worthwhile making sure.

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