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It is an idea-processing tool which can do brainstorming easily alone.

Operation is easy.
The related keyword which pushes a button is only inputted.

For instance,
【part 1】 if it says, "it is red"   ⇒ "sun", "apple",, "fire truck", "passion."
【part 2】 If it says, "It is round." ⇒ "moon", "dome, "priest", "coin", "tomato."

Let's dig up many keywords to your opportunity.

The view of - keyword is changed based on the keyword.
- Swell the meaning of a keyword.
- Connect keywords.
- etc ......
Please process it.
To make a plastic model, please find and connect a part by yourself and make an idea into your mine.

[Postscript 2013/09/14]
The function which builds a Mind Map based on the inputted keyword was added.
It becomes easy to hold the global image of the way of thinking by visualization.

An idea, brainstorming (breast), a timetable, formation of ToDo list work efficiency, a "cause", a "result" and Osborne, plan creation tool emission, convergence, serendipity. mindmap

A error that the NOT exhibition of a mindmap in Android 4.1/4.2/4.3 occurs.
I'm on survay. (current 2014/01/01)

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