IDEdroid Free



IDEdroid is a simple editor with online compiler integration. You can edit and view your source codes, compile and run them using Ideone service.

Main features:
- integration
- Syntax highlight
- Simple file manager
- Emailing of codes

Full list of supported languages by online compiler:
Ada Assembler AWK Bash bc Brainf**k C C# C++ C++0x C99 strict CLIPS Clojure COBOL Common Lisp D Erlang F# Factor Falcon Forth Fortran Go Groovy Haskell Icon Intercal Java JavaScript Lua Nemerle Nice Nimrod Objective-C Ocaml Oz Pascal Perl PHP Pike Prolog Python R Ruby Scala Scheme Smalltalk SQL Tcl Unlambda Visual Basic .NET Whitespace

Syntax highlight for:
C Cpp Python Java

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