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    Idle Time Connection Manager is the smartest connection manager ever! This app will automatically disable selected wireless connections after You finish using the phone, and enable them back at first interaction with it. Currently, the application can control Mobile Data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

    The phone is assumed to be unused when the screen is off for defined amount of time. For example, You can configure the application to disable selected connections, only if the phone is unused for 20 minutes. Additionally, You can restrict its work to certain hours of day. For example, You may want the application to automatically control and disable connections only between hour 17:00 and 08:00 next day.

    Installing and running this application will:
    - cause the battery to last longer (about 70% improvement),
    - save Your mobile data plan (no data transfers in background),
    - prevent the phone from bothering You with unwanted notification in Your after-work time,
    - reduce the amount of microwaves around You :).

    - PRO: You can configure connections to be periodically re-enabled during idle state. This will allow Your accounts to be up-to-date and maintain low power consumption,
    - PRO: Mobile Data can be set to be always enabled, if any form of Tethering is active,
    - No more Ads,
    - Extended device compatibility,
    - Settings menu reorgranized.
    PRO functionalities can be unlocked from within the app for small fee. Upgrading to PRO version will allow you to access all current and upcoming advanced features.

    Bug fix: On some devices, connections had been enabled before screen was unlocked (just after power button was pressed).

    Battery charge level can be used as additional restriction, required to disable the connections. When the phone is idle, and battery level falls to defined value (for example 90%), the connections will be automatically disabled. Also they will be re-enabled when the phone is plugged into charger.

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