iLauncher's review


iLauncher is a homescreen replacement that looks like iOS

  • Icons and font iOS styles
  • Runs smoothly
  • There aren't specific launcher options

"iOS launcher"

Some Android users love Google OS philosophy and iOS looking. For that users there's a way to get through it: iLauncher, a homescreen replacement that makes your Android look like an iPhone.

You'll have to forget homescreen: from now you'll have only app drawer with those unmistakable icons and font that came out Mr. Jobs' mind. The dock is still there, 4 icons: phone email, browser and music.

The launcher runs smoothly since its quite simple and slim. Actually, there's nothing to set (there aren't specific launcher options). Only in this pro version you can create folders, spotlight search and edit icons.

In comparison with other launchers, iLauncher cannot compete regarding customization and performance. However, it has its plus point: it looks like an iPhone. If you're looking for that, go and get it.

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