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image Combination | photo collage , allows you to to a single image in combination with simple operation for a photo - image .

In grid mode , you can create an image as one of a plurality of images by simply encase your favorite image by selecting from the template of the grid layout that is determined .
In free mode flexible , making it possible to combine any number of images further .
Even beginners are made to be available easily , but please try the grid mode of just going by fitting the image to the frame first it was decided .

In addition , it is possible by only then choose the layout image of the background , and use it just to put a character uses to draw a picture with a pen , as a substitute as well as drawing app for children in the free mode .
When you draw well , please appreciation as picture of memories to save the image .

- Can be selected from the layout template of up to 1-9 sheets of the number of combining photo - image in the grid layout selected in the GRID MODE
└ specified background image to display width of the frame of the grid , in the background of the photograph, image , free rotation of the photograph, the captured image , the aspect ratio of the grid , stamp insertion , put character with a pen , and presented with a letter case in a text input possible

・ Choice of photo and image capturing from the photo Add button at the bottom of the screen in FREE MODE
├ can background image you want to display in the background of a photograph, image , free rotation of the photo - captured image , stamp insertion , into character with a pen , and presented with a letter case in a text input
└ By using that to select the layout of the background image , put a letter or draw a picture with a pen , can be used as a drawing application

Pens available to the ( written in picture ) Colo (touch such as aqueous pen ) Normal , Neonpen ( touch around glowing ) , and ( gentle touch you are a little blurry ) filter

? Can be asked select a PNG or JPG to save the time of collage image that you created

- Can be saved by specifying the image file name in any alphanumeric character to when saving the file

・ Call the other apps from "share" button , the image was processed collage can be shared

・ I can migrate the app to the SD card

- Is the addition will also be available on the other (* '∀ `*)

[ Update History ]
2014/02/07 Ver1.0.3
For font files are large, I was corrected error, the ANR that occurred when reading.
I have to correct the error that occurred in the editing screen at startup in rare cases.

2014/01/31 Ver1.0.2
When an attempt is made to read an image of a particular size, it was fixed factors that had already killed once in a while.
Because the size of the font of the text stamp is large, I have a correction to avoid the errors that screen out of memory or become unresponsive.

2014/01/16 Ver1.0.1
Has been modified to display a progress bar at the point that the heavy processing such as when saving the file as ANR measures .
Application at the end , I have been corrected where the error has occurred rarely .

2013/12/27 Ver1.0.0
I was released at the Google Play | " photo collage image Combination " .

On with reduced memory usage , are happy if you can use this application .

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