The present place and the specified place can be quickly transmitted with mail.
For language: English and Japanese.
Neither a feature phone, smart phones other than android nor PC have the problem Mail Sending ahead if the Google map on the net is seen.

When the application program is started, the location information is automatically updated in low accuracy and the marker is set up.
It is also possible to set the method of updating the location information when the application program starts by "MENU button → setting of the phone".
The mail button is clicked, and mail with location information URL is sent.

The main function:
_The location information can be retrieved by inputting the address or the building name.
_The position can be transmitted with mail by clicking the map.
_The zoom level is reflected in the other party, too.
_"Setting of the location information and security" screen is displayed by a cancel button long click.

The following functions are added to a pay version.
_The content of mail can be edited.
_There is no advertisement.
_It corresponds to Landscape
_It corresponds to a horizontal screen.(It is possible to fix.)

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