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Freeware app for the conversion of metric and imperial units of measurement.

The following types of measure units can be converted:

acres, ares, BTU, Celsius, centimeters, cubic centimeters, cubic decimeters, cubic feet, cubic inches, cubic meters, cubic yards, decimeters, Fahrenheit, feet, fluid ounces, foot pound force, gallons, gigawatts, grams, hectares, hectometers, horsepower (metric), hundredweights (cwt), inch pound force, inches, joules, Kelvin, kilogram force, kilograms, kilometers, kilometers per hour, kiloPascal, kilowatts, kilowatts per hour, knots, liters, megaPascal, megawatts, meters, miles, miles per hour, milligrams, milliliters, millimeters, Newton, ounce force, ounces, Pascal, pints, pound force, pounds, pounds per square foot, pounds per square inch, square centimeters, square decimeters, square feet, square kilometers, square meters, square miles, square millimeters, square yards, tonnes (metric), tons, tons (US), watts, watts per hour, yards.


In the full version of the app, the following types of measure units can be converted:

Area: acre, are, hectare (ha), square centimeter (cm2), square decimeter (dm2), square foot (ft2), square kilometer (km2), square meter (m2), square mile (mi2), square millimeter (mm2) and square yard (yd2).

Energy: British Thermal Unit (BTU), calorie (IST), calorie (thermo), cubic centimeter-atmosphere (cc-atm), foot-pound-force (lbf), gram-calorie, inch-pound-force, Joule, kilocalorie (kcal), kilogram-calorie, kilowatt per hour (kWh), pound-CHU, US horsepower per hour and watt per hour.

Flowrate: barrel per day, cubic centimeter per second (cc/s), cubic foot per minute, cubic foot per second, cubic inch per minute, cubic inch per second, cubic meter per hour, cubic yard per minute, gallon per day, gallon per minute, gallon per second, liter per minute, liter per second and miner's inch.

Force: crinal, dyne, grain, imperial ton (long ton), kilogram-force (kgf), kilogram-meter per square second, kip, Newton, ounce-force, poundal, pound-force and slug.

Length: centimeter (cm), chain, decimeter (dm), foot (ft), furlong, hectometer (hm), inch (in), kilometer (km), league units, meter (m), mile (mi), millimeter (mm), rod and yard (yd).

Mass: dram, grain, gram (g), hundredweight (cwt), kilogram (kg), milligram (mg), ounce, pound (lb), quarter, stone, ton, tonne and US ton.

Power: BTU per hour, BTU per minute, BTU per second, erg per second, foot-pound-force per hour, foot-pound-force per minute, foot-pound-force per second, gigawatt (GW), Joule per second, kilowatt (kW), megawatt (MW), metric horsepower, ton (refrigeration) and watt.

Pressure: bar, barye, inch H2O (15.56°C), inch Hg (15.56°C), kilogram-force per square centimeter, kilogram-force per square meter, kiloPascal (kPa), megaPascal (mPa), Pascal (Pa), pound per square foot, pound per square inch, poundal per square foot, poundal per square inch, short ton per square foot and torr.

Shoe size.

Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.

Time: microsecond, millisecond, second, minute, hour, day, week, year, leap year, decade, century and millennium.

Velocity: centimeter per second (cm/s), foot per hour, foot per minute, foot per second, kilometer per hour (kmh), knot (kn), meter per minute, meter per second, mile per hour (mph) and mile per minute.

Volume: cubic centimeter (cc), cubic decimeter (dm3), cubic foot (ft3), cubic inch (in3), cubic meter (m3), cubic yard (yd3), fluid drachm, fluid ounce (fl oz), gallon, gill, liter (l), milliliter (ml), pint, quart, US gallon and US pint.

Ancient Greek and Roman units.

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