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Incognito Browser automatically operates in incognito or private browsing mode: by default it does not record your browser history, private passwords, forms, etc: making the browser more secure & keeping your browsing safe and secret.

Incognito browser clears cache after each URL is visited, and once again when the incognito browser application is exited.

* No ads in the incognito browser *

* Select text & copy enabled *

* Javascript toggle on/off *

* Plugins (e.g flash) toggle on/off *Mapitu

* Incognito browsing mode can be overridden in settings: you may wish to do this to remember form, password, or cache data, however it will make your browsing less secret. * Mapitu

* Allows you to change the user agent. This is useful for example if you want to see a mobile website's desktop version: just set the user agent to internet explorer or firefox! Mapitu

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