InfinitePrimeSMS Lite



Lite version.

This lite version is ONLY for testing to see if the remote is compatible with your alarm system.

This application is pre-programed for a Infinite Prime alarm system, using the codes from this manual.

This InfinitePrimeSMS Alarm Remote allows you to access your home alarm system from your mobile phone. By typing in your phone number and password it is possible to activate, deactivate, instant activating, ask for status report, etc.

Home Automation control up to 16 individual lights and appliances around the home.

InfinitePrimeSMS is an alarm remote which works as a Home Control and as an Alarm Monitor that gets its information from your own Alarm System. The Remote Alarm System makes it easy to control your home alarm.

also works with the Danish alarm company G4S home alarm, with the models there have SMS-module.

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