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If you want to inform this place by map to the others, The InformsThisPlace is most suitable software.

After this software senses the GPS signal for getting a latitude and a longitude out of doors, it makes body sentences of the mail formatting url and you send this mail to the others. This url includes a latitude and a longitude of this place. When the recipient taps this url on the mail, it displays a map of current position added mark.

Before open this software, you must set to available GPS in the device settings.
1. When you open this software, it displays main screen titled "informs this place".
2. At fist, You tap a positioning button. It is entered to "positioning this place" screen and it begins positioning for getting a latitude and a longitude of this place.
3. When it gets a latitude and a longitude of this place, it shows a map added mark on the screen and you confirm a map for informing. If you would like to see a satellite view, tap a Satellite on button.
4. If displayed map is OK, you tap a Decide button. It come back to main screen titled "informs this place" and it displays a latitude and a longitude in text view section.
If a mark isn't good position, you tap good position on a map for correction. A mark moves to tapping point.
5. You tap a refer address button and enter to "referring the contacts" screen.
6. case1: if you want to search names in Contacts, you tap a Search in Contacts Button and select a name in Contacts.
case2: You input name in text box and tap a referring button for getting destination address. If name is saved in the contacts, it displays destination address in list view area. This referring is fuzzy operation. So if it matches a part of name, destination address is displayed.
7. You tap expected address on list view and come back to main screen titled "informs this place". Destination address is displayed in edit view.
8. You tap a send mail button and it goes to the mailer software. A url included a latitude and a longitude is in body sentence section of a mail.
9. You check a content of mail and you send it.

When the recipient taps a url in body sentence, it is displayed current location map of sender.

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