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Intelligent Ringer sets ringer volume based on the ambient noise level in which your smartphone is actually working. It is also able to detect whether the device is in a pocket or not, based on the proximity sensor readings.

Unlike similar apps Intelligent Ringer adjusts its internal settings to the particular device, which has a significant effect on measurement and setting process accuracy.


There have been some reports about battery draining caused by this app and must admit that the issue exists, unfortunately because of hardware and software limitations of the Android platform I'm not able to fix it by any mean.
You can however reduce power usage of this app significantly disbaling proximity sensor in options. Doing so you will disable "pocket detection" feature.


It respects silent and vibrate mode - when any of these is active, volume won't be changed by the Intelligent Ringer.


You can control whole process using the following application settings:

- Pocket Factor - Additional volume which is added to the actual measurement value only when the device is discovered to be in a pocket.

- Accuracy - decide how precise the volume setting process should be.

Minimum / Maximum volume - limit the maximum and minimum volume possible to set.


In response to requests about implementing power saving feature I've implemented special plug-in which allows you to control it (on/off) using Tasker or Locale apps. This is ONLY possible in the Intelligent Ringer Pro.


In response to requests about implementing support for notifications I've implemented this feature in the Intelligent Ringer Pro.

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