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    Published: 2012-08-16, by .

    IntelliRing is an app for automatizing sound profiles in your Android device

    • Usability and good-looking layout (HOLO)
    • Proximity and sound sensors to auto-switch profiles
    • Original app
    • This is a one-month trial

    "This is why it's called smartphone"

    Changing sound profiles isn't hard to do. However, doing it manually makes us making some mistakes: it's easy to forget to enable silent mode in a meeting or hard to remember to disable it when we don't need it. This can makes us disturb somebody or miss calls. Likewise, it's sometimes annoying setting dozens of profiles for specific situations.

    IntelliRing helps you to automatically set all of this up. It comes with 4 basic features that solve some real situations thanks to proximity and sound sensors.

    1. When your phone is in your pocket (or bag): it will ring loud & vibrate, as you pull your phone out, the volume will decrease.

    2. When you are at a meeting: face your phone down on the table. It will play a short and discrete beep instead of your ringtone.

    3. When your phone isn't silenced in your pocket or at a meeting, it will measure the ambient noise when incoming calls arrive and adjust ringtone volume accordingly. You need to calibrate your ringtone to use this feature.

    4. When you're entering some place for a given time (e.g. cinema or theatre). With just a simple circular slide you can silence your phone the time you need. When times up, it will go back to regular mode.

    Likewise, all these features works also with notifications sounds for SMS, Gtalk, e-mails, etc.

    IntelliRing is set in a good-looking Holo layout. It's evident that developers have focused on design and usability. When these factors meet a great app idea, the result is a "must-have" tag.

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