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    Intellizap application uses context information like location, environmental sound, battery life of the device, speed of movement of the device, weather condition in the respective location, brightness of environment and changes the behavior of the device based on inputs from the environmental factors steered by the user preferences. This application provides user with a smart application that changes the behavior based on the awareness gained from the various contexts. When the Intellizap is installed on the device, the user will be allowed to set his preferences. Depending on those user settings the application will make context sensitive decisions.


    Intellizap application is a blend of various such context aware services which indefinitely keeps running in the background. User also has the provision to enable/disable any of these features at any given point of time.
    1. Weather Awareness: This feature aims at automatically retrieving the weather information and suggesting precautions to be taken in terms of apparels to be worn for the current weather condition at that particular location. There is a provision for the user to set the time interval at which the alert should be shown. Also there is a provision for the user to know the weather conditions in other cities by entering the name of the city using the UI provided in the application.
    2. Automatic Brightness: With the intent of conserving battery level for longer duration, the feature of automatic brightness adjustment is developed. The brightness of the device is made to change depending on the brightness of the surroundings. For instance, if the surround is dark then the brightness of the device is increased automatically to let the user read the content with ease.
    User has been provided with the option of setting the threshold values for different modes such as sunlight, shade overcast and cloudy. Based on these thresholds and the value retrieved from sensor, the brightness of device is changed.

    3. Sounds Settings based on Environmental Sound: For this feature, the sound or the profile settings of the device is altered automatically depending on the sound level in the surroundings so that the user does not miss important calls due to noise in the environment.
    The user is allowed to set the threshold at which the sound settings should get changed. Based on the value received from recording and the threshold value provided by the user, sound setting of the device is altered.

    4. Battery Life: This feature is useful for conserving the battery life of the device, which also helps the user not to miss some important communications because of low battery especially during travel.
    If it is below the threshold level set by the user, then an alert will be shown. Based on user choice, action will be taken. All the apps running in background will stopped and only GPS will work to show the nearby places where user can go and charge the device.
    5. SMS to Voice Conversion: This feature is greatly useful while travelling at high speed. It allows the user to get notified about the message received without having to stop or slow down for reading the message details.
    6. Location Awareness: The application aims at simplifying the user's burden of changing the settings every time they enter their office, spiritual places or any other place based on historical data. Basically, if the user has changed some settings while entering, let’s say, a temple then whenever he returns to the same place (or within range), the application automatically prompts the user to change the system settings. This means we are making the phone aware of the system settings needed for particular locations. The user is allowed to choose the distance (or range) within which a notification should be given to the user to change the settings.

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