Internet 3G Booster



Do you have problems with slow internet? Are you using 3G/4G network to access internet?
If so, then this application is for you. It will speed up internet speed by up to 25%!
This unique method is not available to any other developer. It's so amazing, that it
gives such good results! We want to share this unique technique with you, the users.
Usage is very simple - after you run the app, just press 'Boost' button, and ... enjoy faster internet in few seconds!

This app might not work on some android devices, we are sorry for that.

Disclaimer: This Internet booster is a pure placebo. It was designed to fool your friend in the office or school! It's lame to believe,
that some magic tricks exist, and that you could accelerate internet in some magic way. Other internet boosters ar also fake.
Believe us. We are deep in the technology ;) If you understand the joke, just show it to your friends, and make laugh of them ;)

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