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This app has 2 modules one its FOR ROOT USERS!!!! the other its for NON root users, the "patch" its based on a know linux tweak so this will work for EVERY ROM. MAY or MAY NOT improve the speed, depends of your dataplan, carrier and locale.
overall the improvement its good in almost every user.
For Non Root user just "click" speed up to accelerate browsing
if you feel slow again try "speed up" again (NOT THE PATCH)

a reebot its no mandatory but always recommended after patch installed.
some cyanogenmod based ROMS already had this patch so you maybe will see this already "patched" remember, it depends on your carrier and should give you faster internet conection and boost you actual internet wireless (3g and wifi) and shouldnt leave a track of battery drain. this is not a fake internet booster check XDA thread for more information

if you dont know about rooting your phone check
and more info about the patch (original source where i take this)

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