Inventory Edit for MCPE



The #1 BEST and EASIEST inventory editor tool for Minecraft Pocket Edition!!!

The editor window floats right above your screen so it truly feels like it is INTEGRATED right into Minecraft PE!


Never again will you have to switch apps every time you want to give yourself a diamond sword to kill of those obnoxious creepers!!!

With this Inventory Editor app, you can give yourself virtually limitless items, shining new armor, even eggs to spawn animals to create a farm! You even now have the ability to give yourself item packs! Like a diamond armor set, or Gold Tools!


Here is a list of the features provided by this app:
+ A very clean and simple UI
+ Selecting new items is a breeze!!
+ Add Item
+ Give yourself 255 of any item!!!
+ Replicate an Item
+ Repair a tool
+ Repair ALL tools
+ Delete an item
+ Clear your inventory

Also includes:
+ Make time day
+ Make time night
+ Easy way to choose which item you want to edit! Just put it in the first spot in your inventory's hot bar!
+ No need to search through a long list of items!!!


Please note: This app will only work on Survival Worlds. Also, it is not meant for multi-player worlds, but it will work on them as long as the person editing his inventory IS the host.

*This app is not Minecraft, nor is it affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang in any way.

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