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    Invisible Safe (picture-drive)

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    Hide your confidential information inside your picture files in 128 bit encrypted form for double security!
    The picture you use to hide private files in, will look like the original, if you open it with a picture viewer, the difference is not noticeable.

    Imagine a big house with plenty of paintings on the walls.
    Behind one of the pictures, there is a safe.Looks familiar?
    This is where the idea came from.

    Open any picture files with this app, give it a password and treat it like a miniature,password protected SD-Card.
    You can copy files to it, copy files from it,delete files from its content.

    Now you can send confidential files in email well hidden in a picture file among lots of others images, or you can even upload it to a web album.
    Who would think any of the pictures contain hidden files?
    And even if someone figures it out,it's still encrypted...

    An 8 megapixel picture can store about 5.7 Mb of hidden data.
    However, using smaller pictures is recommended because of compression time and memory usage.

    Do not edit the generated images with an image editor, you might loose your hidden information!

    Generated images will be saved to /sdcard/InvisibleSafe in png format.
    Extracted files from the picture will be saved to /sdcard/InvisibleSafe/Extracted/

    The author of this app is NOT responsible for data loss for any reason.

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