IP Camera Viewer EDEN



With this app you can remotely view and control your EDEN cameras from your Android phones, tablets, Google TV. From wherever you are*! Use it for for all of your home security and home automation needs. It's the ideal solution for home and small business surveillance!

*3G or wireless network connection required, for use outside your home network you'll need to setup portforwarding on your router.


- View the live video feed of your cameras
- Zoom in and out on the image by pinching
- Optical zoom support voor C2130 camera
- Swipe to select another camera
- Take snapshots and save it to your camera
- Audio support
- Motion detection
- Multiple camera support
- Mosaic view for showing 16 cameras (in landscape) and 8 cameras (in portrait) simultaneously
- Swipe in mosaic view to view more other cameras
- Control PTZ controls
- LAN camera search using WiFi/Ethernet
- Import/export cams to SD card or Dropbox service
- Cyclic video recording to SD/FTP/Dropbox
- SSL support (https protocol)
- Support for on camera motion detection


- C2110IP (2-w audio, pt, motion detection, preset, IR)
- C2130IP (2-w audio, ptz, motion detection, preset, IR)
- C2221IP (2-w audio, motion detection, IR)
- C2231IP (motion detection, IR)
- C703IP (2-w audio, motion detection, IR)
- C800IP
- C803IP (motion detection, IR)
- C901IP
- C903IP (motion detection, IR)


Please address any support or feature request questions to EDEN. This app has been developed by Alexey Vasilyev commissioned by Roos Electronics BV, The Netherlands.

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