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Just open the application to check the details of IP address assigned interfaces.

You can see the below details.
- The IP supported interface name, if an IP is assigned to it.
- The Wifi / Wifi-hotspot / Data network interface

When an IP is not assigned to an interface, e.g. if the data is turned off or Wifi is turned off, then those interfaces won't be shown.

Version History:

v1.9 (10)
+Layout corrections

v1.8 (9)
+Added font size setting

v1.7 (8)

+Added a convenient Refresh button to avoid app exit and coming back, still maintaining the single page view of all the information.

v1.6 (7)

+Added a rate me dialog.

v1.5 (6)

+Moved to new domain.

v1.4 (5)

+Updated API compatibility to support 4.2.2 Android version.

v1.3 (4)

+Updated ads provider.

v1.2 (3)

+Refined failure message.
+Updated ads provider.

v1.1 (2)

+Corrected the permissions required.
+Introduced ads for existence.

v1.0 (1)

+Introducing new app.

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