Iphito Prime



This is a beta version. A stable version should be out soon. For major problems, please kill the cache or uninstall/reinstall. If this does not solve problems you may be having, please email.

For use with AWS (Amazon Web Services), check EC2 Instance, EBS and Elastic IP status wherever you are.

Management Ability:
Multiple AWS accounts!
Labeling of instances, volumes, elastic-ips, load-balancers
Instances (starting, stopping, terminating, creating)
Volumes (allocation, snapshotting, starting, attaching, detaching)
Snapshots (creating, allocating)
AMI (starting up)
Keypairs (creating, downloading)
Security Groups (Creating, Destroying, Altering)
Load Balancers (Creating, Adding Instances) [Alpha stage]

Requires Android ver 2.1 and above.

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