Power alert: you are out of home/office and want to be notified (sms message) if there are AC power failure?

What happens in your home or in your office if there is a black out in your absence?
How long will resist the alarm with the internal battery only? The automatic sprinkler will water the plants?
An weekend is long enough to turn everything you have in the fridge into a soggy and smelly nightmare.
The heating will be switched off. Your servers will no longer respond.
The fish in your aquarium will be ready for a proper burial.
And you will only find out when it will be too late. When the disaster will be complete.
But all this can easily be avoided with the iPowerAlert APP.
You will only have to install it on your old smartphone or on a tablet that you leave at home, connected to power.
If you run out of electricity(current power interruptions), iPowerAlert will alert up to 3 cellphone numbers (via text message, SMS) of the problem, warning also, eventually, if the electricity supply is restored.
Do not leave your house alone when you can have a "Power Tutor"!

Warning: The cost of SMS depends on the price charged by your service provider used by the customer.

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