ipv4 Subnet Calculator



Ipv4 Subnet Calculator

An easy to use, simple subnet calculator that takes the hassle out of the many intricacies involved with the ipv4 subnet system. This tool will allow you to accurately subnet different class networks as well as calculate the number of hosts allowed.

The subnet calculator is as flexible as possible, allowing for a multitude of ways to automatically advance to the next field with the intentions of allowing for multiple keyboard layouts. After entering in an octet you can hit any of the keys to advance fields. Also, after three digits entered, the field will advance automatically.

- The period key
- The Space key
- The * key
- The # key

You can quickly and easily retrieve the network range a host device to effectively determine if your device resides within your given network configuration.

The binary tab illustrates some of the patterns that can help the beginner start to learn the subnet process.

Quickly and easily e-mail or save various network configurations for reference later.

Please feel free to contact me with any features/updates you would like to see added to this tool.

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