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IQ is intelligence quotient, through a series of standard tests measuring the level of intellectual development in their ages. IQ tests are scientific tests of intelligence, it tests a person's ability to think, the ability to learn and the ability to adapt to the environment. This is a group of European popular IQ test questions, a total of 33 questions, the test time of 20 minutes, maximum IQ of 174.,26-29 of the 33 questions, multiple-choice, the rest are one-choice questions, click on the "test" into the subject and start timing. Click your right circle in front of the option will automatically jump to the next question, such as the encounter will not or can not grasp the subject, simply click on "next question" to skip the current topic, click "previous question" to modify and check. Do title, according to their own thinking and intuition, choose your options would best meet and reflect the most natural, the most comfortable. Last question is finished, click "submit" test scores will be displayed and the time, if in 20 minutes did not finish the title, the system will automatically calculate the score You can reference the score range below to understand your own intellectual,:
0-69 weak intelligence
70-89 mental retardation
90-99 intellectual medium
100-109 intelligence on
110-119 intellectual excellence
120-129 intelligence is very, very good
140 genius

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