Islamic Qibla & Prayer Times

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    Get the Accurate Islamic Prayer Times and Qibla direction on your Droid.

    The App shall show you:

    * Accurate Prayer Timings for Salaah/Namaaz
    * Qibla Direction (Compass pointing to Makkah)

    => Full App Features:

    * Uses GPS for Compass and Automatic City selection!

    * App Give Suhoor and Iftaar Notifications

    * User can share Ramadan Time Table

    * User can share weekly & mothly Salah Time Table

    * Various Calculation Methods - to calculate the Prayer Timings!

    * Asr Calculation Method - shafi'i or hanafi calculations!

    * Cities Covered - hundreds & thousands of cities included!

    * Settings - to adjust prayer timings manually!

    * Can Play Adhan - from Makkah, Madina, Al-aqsa, Egypt and Fajr

    * 5 Beautiful Themes - for compass, Ramadan & prayer times to choose from!

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