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Ideal for both personal and business use. This powerful app is designed to keep track of everyday activities, expenses and travel mileage in a simple and practical manner. Unlike other apps of the same kind which are overly complicated and are loaded with totally unnecessary features, this app focuses on what is actually needed by most of us.

It allows its user to keep record of everyday details of life. Just a few days of its use makes one appreciate it:

-- Allowing to see in the form of a chart how one's time is distributed for work, sleep, family and other activities is very helpful in many ways.

-- Keeping track of personal and business expenses in any currency, is not only an excellent option for personal use, but extremely helpful for business book keeping needs for self-employed people, consultants and contractors who don't need full fledge accounting software. This app offers a simple and practical option for it, with built-in tax calculation.

-- Keeping a travel log is also a very important requirement for many business personnel. This app allows an excellent travel mileage log, with calculation of travel claimable amount, sorted by kilo meters and miles, and by currencies if that happens to be the case for some.

By default this app alerts you hourly to log what you did in your last one hour, except for the night. You can modify the alerts in the settings.

This app also offers some additional features, which allow to sync your life's log with app's online servers, and even encrypt it for added security and safety from prying eyes.

Lets give it a try for a few days to see if you like it. And don't forget to recommend it to others who might benefit from it.

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