Jota+ One Connector



Jota+ One Connector is a plugin to connect Jota+ with Microsoft OneDrive.

Install this plugin then you can activate the connectivity to OneDrive of Jota+.

This app only connect to OneDrive server.

Jota+ One Connector includes Microsoft SkyDrive SDK for Android.

- You can't save a file on the root directory.
You should save under /Documents directory.

- You can't save a file with illegal extension.
You should name standard extension like .txt.

- Connector added '.bak' to filename of backup file.
aaa.txt -> aaa.bak.txt
I recommend to check off the backup option.

This app needs Jota+ and Jota+★PRO-KEY.

How to use connector.
- Touch 'Open' on the toolbar then file browser will open.
- Click Jota+ icon on the top-left corner then click "Settings-Storage".
- Select one which you want and install a connector.
- Log in to the connector.
- Again open the drawer.
- Click the name of the connector.
- Browse directory on the file system.
- Open a file.

Don't use explorer apps.

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