Juice Offender - Battery Drain



Juice Offender is the absolute fastest way to DRAIN your battery!

Reasons to Drain Your Battery Include:

- Battery Brand Testing
- Full Power Cycle Charging
- ROM Calibration Testing
- Pranks on Your Friends :)
- Also Works as a Hand Warmer & Flashlight!

How this APP Works:

-Turns on Permanent Vibration
-Enables Wifi Send Data
-Constantly Max Loads CPU
-Sets Screen Brightness to Maximum
-Enables GPS Location Services and Constantly asks Device to Refresh Position
-Turns on Camera Flash
-Turns on Bluetooth and Constantly Scans for New Devices

Battery Info Displayed:

-Plugged or Not

Notes: This is NOT JuiceDefender. This is a battery DRAINING app, not a battery SAVING app.

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