Kalkulon is a programmable expression calculator for programmers available for your Windows, Linux and Android device.

If you just need a simple calculator Kalkulon is probably not what you are looking for.

But if you are looking for a scientific calculator with the following features

* C-like syntax, e.g.: (0x10>>3)+(6|4)*7
* variables, e.g: bitmask = 0x0F0F; 0x1234&bitmask
* user defined formulas and scripts, e.g.: AddMul(a,b,c)=(a+b)*c; AddMul(1,2,3)
* fully programmable, e.g.: if, while, do, etc.
* result history (out, outl), e.g.: 3+4; out+8; outl[0]+outl[1]
* casts, e.g.: ((u8)-1)<<8
* dec, hex and bin number format, e.g.: (128+0x3d)&0b01101100
* strings and list, e.g.: list = {"Hallo ", "World"}; list[0]+list[1]
* syntax coloring for easy use of long expressions
* autoload file ("autoload.k") for user defined variables, formulas, programs
* GPL license

which can share formulas and scripts between your desktop and mobile device you should give Kalkulon a try.

For devices without hardware keyboard I recommend Hacker's Keyboard!


On the Android device the example and help files are automatically copied into "SDCARD/Kalkulon" folder on first start. This is also the working directory for Kalkulon. Put your Kalkulon scripts here, e.g. from your desktop PC.

The Exec() command works a little bit different on Android:
If the command is ACTION_EDIT or ACTION_VIEW, e.g.
Exec("ACTION_EDIT", "runregtest.k")
an Android Intent is sent to start an external Activity.
For all other commands a normal system() call is executed, e.g.
Exec("echo 1 > xxx") writes "1" into file "xxx" in Kalkulon folder.

For more details have a look at http://www.kalkulon.de

Change log:

- adjust colors for better readability (with and w/o syntax highlighting)

- add syntax highlighting

- new setting for simple output (suppress "outl[i]" prefix)
- enlarge layout of list views for easier touching
- "Clear session" now visible in Action Bar

- add: text size of input can be set via "Settings ..." menu

- add: support of octal numbers with prefix "0o" (zero "o") -> "0o1234567"

- add: text size can be changed by zoom gesture

- fix: keep soft keyboard open for Android >= 4.x

- add: Android 4 look and feel (please report issues to contact@kalkulon.de)
- add: select and copy from output window

- add: "Clear input history" menu item

- add: Exec() now supported on Android (see description in overview)
- fix: error messages were cut-off
- fix: LinePos() returned wrong line number

- check if user deleted application data

All APK files available here:

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