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Kaller #9 is the app that actually redials a number for you automatically. Need to bash your team on the radio after a game, or win that cash prize from your favorite station but you can’t get through; download Kaller # 9 and let it do the work for you. Constant redialing can be frustrating and even unsafe at times; this app will automatically hang up and redial the number after a busy signal is recognized. Pull a number from your contacts, or manually dial (app will save #). Kaller #9 will automatically redial that busy line, while you get on with your busy life.


-Enable/Disable auto-redial mode before you call

-Full phone function within the app

-Access to contacts

-Option to manually hang up in redial mode

-Speaker phone option (recommended while driving)

**Please note- most devices will have some lag time on auto-redial due to communication with the service towers, so please understand this and know we are working on a solution for this. Most devices are averaging 8 - 10 seconds for auto redial to initiate. Free updates will be available as we work on getting the lag time to 1 - 2 seconds. Thank you for your interest in Kaller #9 and good luck getting through!!

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