Kaspersky Password Manager



Protect your passwords and simplify access to your accounts & favorite websites – get Kaspersky Password Manager.

• Securely stores passwords, addresses & bankcard data
• Synchronizes data for access from mobiles & computers
• Simplifies access to your accounts & favorite websites
• Automatically generates strong, individual passwords*
• Makes it easier to fill in online forms… on your PC
• Simplifies synchronization & security… for multiple devices
• Includes easy-to-use data capture feature for Android
• FREE version lets you store 15 passwords, addresses or bankcards
• Premium version stores unlimited amount of passwords, addresses & bankcards

SAFETY - Securely stores passwords and more
All items are stored in an encrypted vault, which can only be unlocked with a master password that only you know.

ACCESS - Synchronizes for PC, Mac & mobile
All passwords, addresses & bankcard details are synchronized across your PCs, Android phones, tablets & more.

‘SIGN IN’ - Speeds access to websites
Kaspersky Password Manager stores all your usernames – and their associated passwords – so it’s easier to sign into your websites when you return to them.

STRENGTH - Generates very strong passwords*
Our password generator automatically creates individual passwords for each app or web account. You can then use these strong passwords on any supported device.

TIME - Helps you to fill in online forms… on your PC
Whenever you’re filling in a form, you can insert any of your stored data – without having to retype it.

ONLINE - Simplifies use across your devices
Now you can get access to a web portal that makes it easy to synchronize stored information across all your devices.

MOBILE - Supports mobile features
To capture & store the account number for one of your bankcards, you simply scan the card with your Android device.

CHOICE - Offers you free or premium versions
The free version lets you store 15 account passwords, bankcard details or addresses. The premium version lets you store and manage an unlimited number of passwords, addresses and bankcard details.

*Automatic password generation is only available for PC. After a password has been created, you can use it on any of your supported devices.

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