KeePassDroid's review

KeePass is both a password generator and a password protector.

  • Generates strong passwords
  • Stores passwords
  • Encrypted
  • Not user friendly

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"Keep Your Passwords Safe With KeePass"


The KeePass app is designed to give you extra strong passwords and to protect the passwords you use on a regular basis. The app not only provides and stores your passwords, but it encrypts all the data as well. The password generator can be customized and you get to choose what sorts of symbols are included in passwords. When you're entering the passwords, you can also enter an expiration date to remind you to change your passwords every few months. The app works great and does it's job well. But, the system is not really user friendly and does not automatically input passwords and usernames.


KeePass makes sure your passwords are safe and strong. You can use it to generate passwords that people shouldn't be able to break. All the data in the app is always encrypted and secure.


The app isn't the easiest thing to use. It doesn't automatically input passwords and requires a lot of cutting and pasting.

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by Molly

May 28, 2015

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