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A gesture-based touchscreen keyboard with huge keys

  • Innovative zigzag layout
  • Different themes, layouts and alphabets
  • Responsive
  • Bigger keys
  • Gestures
  • It doesn't support auto-prediction

"When it comes to keyboards, size matters"

Too many misprints? That's touchscreen keyboards' main catch. The guys at Microth have come up with a simple solution to solve that: bigger keys. KeyZag Keyboard is the outcome. A keyboard which makes the most of the available space by favoring the use of touchscreen gestures.

That's the trick: KeyZag takes out some keys from the main layout to make bigger those that matter the most (letters). Those missing keys aren't "tapped" but swiped. Swipe right to "press" the space bar, swipe left to backspace. Swipe up to use capital letters, swipe down letters to input a number. Doesn't it sound easy? It is. You'll get the hang of it in a jiffy.

However, the main feature of Keyzag keyboard is not just removing space and delete but its adaptability to any size and position on screen preserving the shape of keys and distance between them. That feature makes KeyZag a unique keyboard. It has a characteristic zigzag layout.

Thus, layout, gestures and adaptibility guarantee faster and more accurate typing.

In addition, KeyZag features 5 different themes, 4 different layout (geometry) and 4 alphabets. Emojis are supported as well as auto-capitalization, haptic feedback and sound effects on click.

A simple yet innovative keyboard for those who had serious misprinting issues.

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Jul 01, 2014

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