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This application make it easy to have all your Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards at your hands. Makes it super-easy to scan them with your 3DS and accumulate a lot of hearts in the game.

The application uses the database stored at

********** The site is under heavy traffic and is hosted on a free service, thus, the user limit is reached very often
********** therefore, there might be long periods of the service unavailable. But only because it's so good :)

This application is not affiliated with or funded by Nintendo.

+ First Release
+ Added Marzone's graphics (Thanks!!!)
+ Now can enable zoom controls from the menu
+ (Added the filter buttons but they still doesn't's just for impressions for now).
+ Filters are now operational, By Category/Sub-Category or Search key.
+ Filter menu can be opened by pressing the [SEARCH] button or from the menu.
+ Clicking on a category filter twice disables it.
+ Stage, Aurum & Chaos icons added
+ Filters now work differently: You add and remove filters by checking the icons in the filters.
+ You can do a search, but it will search the entire list and disregard the filter icons.
* Fixed a bug when using the Clear button.
+ Card view now has a menu with Previous, Next, Change region and Redownload buttons.
+ Main list has redownload list button in the menu.
+ Unavailable cards are grayed.
+ New icon for the application
Fix: Aurum & Chaos icons swapped
Fix: crashes when using the region menus (pressing back).
Fix: previous action stopped at 002.
+ Added descriptions to all the cards (+HP, attack & speed)
you can see those by long-pressing on a card in the list.
+ Added have (checklist) and like options...
+ Added descriptions to all the cards (+HP, attack & speed)
you can see those by options by long-pressing on a card in the list.
Fix: The menus didn't have the titles righe.
Fix: Download progress bar wasnt working right..
+ Behind the scenes update..
(removed the comment field, it has been removed from the database).
+ enabled to load up to 420 cards (updated from 407)
+ a few bug fixes (hope it resolves the force closes)
+ fixed some typos
+ fixed some crash bugs...

! Please open the new version with an internet connection so the cached list will be updated...

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