KidsGuide-Guidance for Child



As an old saying goes, ‘What's learned in the cradle is carried to the grave.’ It means a good habit in childhood is finely important.
How about training children, collecting compliment stamps with kids for our kids’s right lifestyle?

1. 50 kinds of basic lifestyle guide
We prepared 50 kinds of basic lifestyle guide that is vital for your kids. We recommend you start to select a good habit your kids is lacking.

2. One lifestyle training in one week.
You can evaluate how well your kids kept the rules after getting trained one lifestyle training in one week. When your kid comply with lifestyle guide for one week, this app will issue a compliment stamp.

3. The reward using compliment stamps
We recommend you to promise the reward to your kid keeping a lifestyle guide well. And then when your kid complete a reward chart collecting compliment stamps, you should give a reward. Then your kid will feel a sense of fultillment in that.

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