KN-GraphIt! is an application designed for those who like to keep track of data that increase or decrease in time, giving them the ability to view line graphs associated with that progress.
    With this application, you can record a chart for each data you want to keep track of progress, for example, body weight (yours or someone else), monthly income or savings, inflation in your country, the increase or decrease in daily temperature, and more, allowing you to set the style of the line graph.
    For each graph are stored decimal values ​​associated with a point in time (date and time).
    Additionally, this application allows you to:

    * Compare up to 6 charts graphically by selecting the list of the registered graphics, where the comparison can be based on time or graphics overlay.

    * Export / Import Graphics entries from CSV files.

    * Exports a JPEG image of a graph or comparison of different Graphics.

    * Export a TXT file with the items related to a Graph.

    KN-GraphIt! is very easy to use and organizes information in a friendly and intuitive way.
    Enjoy it!

    Keywords: graphic, graph, chart, plot, line graph, progress, export, data logging

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