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Designed by knitter for knitters, but not only for knitting projects!

Counter designed for knitters to keep track of knitting work in mutliply projects. For each project, two counters are available: a row counter and repeat row counter to keep number of repeats in more complicated patterns. When repeat row number is set to 0 or remains empty, the repeats are not being increased.

If you have a 4 row repeat pattern, set "repeat row number" to 4 and check the box "link counters". The counter starts with number 0, since at the beginning you haven't made any row yet. After 1 row, click plus, counter will increase to 1, which means you have finished one row of your pattern. While making row number 4 the counters shows 3, after you finish 4th row and click plus, the counter will restart Row number to 0 and increase Repeat number to 1. That means you have finished your first repeat of the pattern and haven't done any rows of the next repeat yet. When you finish your 4 row repeat pattern and want to set a 6 row repeat pattern, simply change the field "repeat row number" to 6. When you don't want to use any complicated pattern anymore and just count the rows, uncheck the "link counter" box.

If you have any questions or ideas to make it more comfortable for you, simply email me.

Can be used also as standard counter to keep track of whatever needs to be tracked :)

Available options:
-create new project
-set name, row count, repeat row number, repeat count
-update name, row count, repeat row number, repeat count
-delete each project from main counter screen (with confirmation)
-delete multiple projects from project list (with confirmation)
-reset counter

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