Know Your Device



    Know your device :- This App gives you all the information you need to know about your mobile.
    Now you don't need to search any of your device information on the internet.
    This app is most convenient way to find all the information you require about your android device.
    Its includes features like Device info, Battery info, Network, Wifi, Bluetooth info, Memory info.

    Main Features :-
    1.Device Info :- Android OS, Model No., Boot loader, Radio Version, Change List, Density, Screen resolution etc.
    2.Battery Info :- Status ,Plug, Temperature, Health, Technology, Voltage of battery etc.
    3.Network Info :- Turn data ON/OFF, Country, Operator Details, Roaming ON/OFF, IMEI & IMSI No., Sim Serial No., Cell

    location etc.
    4.WiFi Info :- Turn WIFI ON/OFF, Mac address, I.P Address, Speed, Signal strength etc.
    5.Bluetooth Info :- Turn Bluetooth ON/OFF. Name and address of your bluetooth.
    6.Memory Info :- Internal Memory, External Memory, Ram usage. Used memory, Total memory, Available memory, Percentage of

    internal and external memory. Currently how much RAM is used.
    7.SWIPE Gestures.
    8.REFRESH button.
    9.Settings :- Just on the click of a button you can change and manage settings of Bluetooth, Wifi, Network, Memory etc.

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