Kytetime Easy Parental Control



Kytetime is the easiest Parental Control app for Android. Simply install Kytetime on your child's phone and you'll be able to:

✓ Turn off SMS and Facebook during school hours
✓ Ban apps and games during school and bed time hours
✓ Monitor internet usage
✓ Set time limits on games
✓ See who your child is texting and calling
✓ See your child's location in real-time
✓ Receive email reports about what your child has been doing
✓ Full remote control from your phone, tablet or PC

Watch our video - CTV News Ottawa talks about why parents need Kytetime. Kytetime is brought to you by the makers of Kytephone the premier Android kids app featured by major publications including Forbes, TechCrunch, Wired, Mashable, ZDNet and The Star.


Kytetime lets you set which apps your child is allowed to use during school time and bed time or you can ban apps entirely. Kytetime will send you periodic reports about which apps your child uses and when they use them so you are better informed about what your child is doing.

Kytetime will monitor and report every website your child visits and prevent the usage 3rd party browsers. You can view web usage reports using the online dashboard and you'll receive periodic reports in your email.

With Kytetime you can set daily time limits (e.g. 1hour/day) and choose which apps it applies to. Never worry about your child spending too much time playing games or surfing the web again.

Kytetime allows you to locate your child in real-time, so you can even see them move on the map! Kytetime will also send you reports so you can see where your child has been over the last several days.

Kytetime lets you see who your child has been texting and calling so you can make sure your child stays safe.

The Kytetime app is completely free and will always work on your child's phone without any restrictions.

We charge a monthly subscription for your online parental dashboard, which allows you to view your child's data in detail, see your child's location in real time, instantly make any changes and receive periodic email reports. You get a free two week trial upon signing up and the app will continue to work normally after the free trial expires - you can signup or cancel your subscription to the online dashboard at any time.

We value your family's privacy and will never share your family's personal data with any 3rd party, or show any kind of ads. Your paid support allows us offer our service and protect your family's privacy.

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