LapLogger Mode6/Misfire



Read OBD Mode6 data from CAN and pre-CAN vehicles. All of the SAE OBDMIDs with long descriptions included.

- Simple and easy software OBD diagnostics
- You need an ELM-based interface
- Mode 6, Misfire, O2 Test monitoring results
- Multi-vehicle support
- Readiness flags for your emission
- Export Logs to KML/TXT/CSV

- On-screen reading includes visual cue to visualize the current value in relation to the limit(s) with the option of setting a Marginal PASS making it easy to spot a potential issue. Threshold can be set by the user.
- Misfire filtered option to make it easy to spot a misbehaving cylinder. Misfire analysis screen with pie-chart of the counts and history chart over last readings to see the trend of particular cylinder
-Logs are separated and managed for each vehicle and further readings can be added to a particular vehicle.
- Logs can be exported to a local file, emailed or written to the Cloud (Dropbox for now)
- GPS logging option with KML , Placemarkers for Max/Mins and path of log mapping.

As a bonus all of the LL-lite version features are included with the capability of logging/plotting the sampled data as well as exporting to TXT/CSV/XLS either locally or the Cloud.

DO MAKE SURE you have checked the LL-lite version works in your setup before ordering.
You will need an ELM32x-based Bluetooth scanner.

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