LapLogger OBD Scanner



Read/Reset the Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTC) and clear the Check Engine Light(CEL)

- Simple and easy software OBD diagnostics
- You need an ELM-based interface
- Mode 6, Misfire, O2 Test monitoring results >
- Multi-vehicle support
- Readiness flags for your emission
- Export Logs to KML/CSV/TXT

Raw/debug logs option. Freeze/Pending Codes, Mode6 , Misfire readings with analysis charts. GPS logging option with KML , Placemarkers for Max/Mins and path of log mapping. O2 diagnostics mode sensors layout are displayed with current voltages Instantaneous Fuel consumption sampling/logging. Boost sampling. English and Metric units. OBD command expert to access directly the ECUs with scripting capabilities

Engine parameters can be sampled and logged e.g.RPM, Ignition Timing Advance, Speed, Throttle etc, Logs can be plotted, exported to CSV, TXT Excel(Desktop format). Option to include a cloud copy(Dropbox)

Updates are posted often and we are starting to include some Hybrid readings.

You will need an ELM32x based Bluetooth interface. MAKE SURE the lite version runs on your setup before purchasing

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