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Lat Long Calc is a GPS tool that converts latitude/longitude coordinates to different formats and calculates distance and direction between two points. This is the free version. For more features look for Lat Long Calc Pro.

** If you find a bug, e-mail me and I will fix it. **

Of particular use in Search and Rescue (SAR) & GIS where conversion between different formats is needed.

Also useful in Geocaching, surveying or anything where you need to convert coordinates between formats.

Please contact me at for help before rating poorly.

Supports DD.DDD, DD MM.MMM, DD MM SS.SSS, UTM and Maidenhead Locator. Can load points from a GPX and/or save points in local DB for later use.

Maidenhead Locator (4 or 6 digit) is useful for Ham (Amateur) Radio contacts or contesting.

Can use internal GPS to get current position which can also be saved to a local DB.

Includes mapping support. See your positions on a map. Options to use internal rendered Google Maps or external map provider such as Google Maps, or other map programs.

Long click on coordinate results to show map. Read help for more details.

Does not share any information. Internet access is for downloading your specified GPX file. GPS is only used if you select it.

Now has batter support for small screen devices.

Note: Mapping support requires Google Maps be installed.

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