LED Flashlight



    Flashlight One / LED torch - simple flashlight, which uses the LED on your device.

    Flashlight One - Android app that uses your device's LED to act as a flashlight for times when you need one. With the big button you will have no trouble turning it on and off in the dark.

    Very useful for dark areas.

    You can find your things in the dark, or light your way when getting out of your car.

    Usage: Touch the green button to start/stop the flashlight.


    STROBE / FLASH effect - you may send SOS light signals or hold to light your way. Release to stop your LED.

    - Supports wide range of devices with build-in led
    - It is very bright torch, uses the camera flashlight, which will help you in dark areas

    Flashlight from the camera's LED - Uses the flashlight LED on your phone to emit light.

    * INTERNET permissions
    - Used only to show ads, which do not get in the way of your work.

    *This is an ad-supported application. The ads are located on the bottom of the screen.

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