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Want your phone to have ears?? Well, 'Let It Ring' is possibly an option.

Felt embarrassed that your phone rang aloud when in a hospital/meeting? Missed a call as you forgot to remove the vibration/silent mode when no longer required? Sounds similar? Well, then "Let it Ring" is the perfect choice for you!

'Let it ring' makes your phone unique by deciding and adjusting the ring volume/notifications volume based on the

world around. If your vicinity is silent, it calms down your volume levels and raises the pitch only when the surrounding gets noisy. It costs nothing to achieve this as all it takes is the microphone inputs to decide the noise levels!

Apart from this, it lets you choose your options - whether or not to override vibration/silent mode, to set the polling times to fetch the noise levels, to set the minimum volume in case of silent places.... so on.

- Allows you to set a minimum ringing volume, use it if your phone's ringing volume is very less less at low level.
- Customizable polling time to adjust your needs.
- Option to set minimum/maximum noise levels to give better performance.
- Allows you to let the app control notification, system volume etc.
- well explained help menu to let you understand.
- Engineered in a way to conserve battery.

- Hardware controls: Used to listen to noise around you and change volume.
- Network communication: Used to submit crash reports and provide add using internet.
- Phone calls: To know when a call comes and set optimal ringer volume (Conserves battery as it sets volume only when you get a call).

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