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How many times it happens that we try to remember something from a previous day, week, month or year, but can't. Small little details of everyday life which matter, get forgotten with time. And once lost in time, there is no way to recover them.

This simple but very powerful app allows you to keep record of these everyday details of life on hourly or bi-hourly basis. It can be a few words, or a few brief sentences. By the end of a day you have a permanent record for that day. And then comes the next day, and another day, and life goes on. Now whenever you want to search something from a past day, you can do it easily since you have saved it in this app. Isn't this great?

Try this app for a week, log your hours everyday, and you'll see how valuable this log of your life can be. Life is not worth to forget, which we do, day after day.

To make it even easier, this app alerts you at the start of every hour to log what you did in your last one hour, except for the night. You can also setup these alerts for every two hours, and enable for nights as well, if you are one of those, who burn the midnight oil.

This app also offers some additional features, which allow to sync your life's log with app's online servers, and even encrypt it for added security and safety from prying eyes.

Lets give it a try, and don't forget to recommend it to others who might benefit from it.

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