Limbo PC Emulator (QEMU x86)

Limbo PC Emulator (QEMU x86)


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Limbo is a PC Emulator (x86) based on QEMU. You can now run Debian or DSL Linux on your Android device without root. Ssh, X Server, ftp, vnc, samba, vpn, mysql clients, gcc, java, perl, python right on your Android device.

* Warning! Limbo works only with a few Desktop OSes. Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/7, Ubuntu, and all other large OSes are NOT supported due to their heavy usage of the SD card and CPU. See below for a compatibility list.
* 'Hacker's Keyboard' app (available in Play Store) is highly recommended for use with Limbo.
* Emulation speeds are depended on your device and OS. Limbo works better for devices with DUAL CORE CPUs.
* Released under GPL v2 see below for details.

============== COMPATIBLE OSes =============

Instructions and Hard Disk image DOWNLOAD links:

Compatible OSes:
 * Debian Linux x86 - Desktop & Command line
 * DSL Linux x86 - Desktop & Command line
 * Trinux - Command line only

Other compatible OSes:
 * TTY Linux
 * Minix
* FreeBSD
 * AROS(Icaros Desktop):
 * KolibriOS
* FreeVMS
* OpenWRT


=============== THANKS ==========

"And so, I captured this fancy, where all that we see, or seem,
is but a dream within a dream." - Edgar Allan Poe

A Big Thanks to:
Fabrice Bellard and the Qemu team
glib team
iconv team
android-vnc-viewer team
Yair Lifshitz (port for x86 phones)

=============== FEATURES =========

- CPU - Intel x86/x86_64 - (486,Pentium,Athlon,n270,Phenom)
- CDROM disk images - (.iso images read/bootable)
- Floopy disk images - (.img raw images read/write/bootable)
- IDE hard disk images - (.qcow2 - read/write/bootable)
- VGA - (standard, cirrus, VMWare) via VNC local client
- Network - User/NAT mode supported only
- Load/Save Machine State/Snapshot (Suspend/Resume) *
- VNC Remote Connection
- Machine/Device Management UI

* Saving VM State requires a qcow2 hard disk image, make sure you create one within Limbo.

================ SOURCE CODE ===============

This software is released under GPL ver2 license:

Source Code can be found at:

===== TAGS ======
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Recently changed in this version

Limbo v0.9.8 (May 12, 2013)
- Compatibility changes due to defects

Comments and ratings for Limbo PC Emulator (QEMU x86)
  • (66 stars)

    by Cody Dye on 07/10/2013

    Fix performance and you got a good app. I cant even run win95 at decent speed and yet I can on dosbox. Tablet with 1gb ram and 1.6ghz CPU.

  • (66 stars)

    by Dirk Mittler on 07/10/2013

    I've discovered that Limbo works consistently with the Qemu installed on my Linux boxes, and is actually quite robust. However, my old tablet can only spare 128MB of RAM for the guest machine, which limits what I can do. Yet, by now I actually have (Debia

  • (66 stars)

    by Austin Rowe on 05/10/2013

    I know that it is not supported because of high CPU and I/O usage. But can you make an option to enable it? Of course a warning will popup saying you are removing the CPU limits. And asks if you want to proceed. Please read and take this into consider

  • (66 stars)

    by Ketan Sharma on 02/10/2013

    Windows 98 and xp Downloaded .iso and .img files - check Selected floppy cd and hd images with jst these two.files -check Started vmachine-check Typed fdisk command-check Typed setup format.command-check Typed setup command-bad command error Where hav I g

  • (66 stars)

    by Matthew Stephens on 30/09/2013

    How the hell do you get to actually use it as a computer?

  • (66 stars)

    by Erlandas Mulys on 29/09/2013

    Doesnt work!! On my samsung galaxy s2 >:-(

  • (66 stars)

    by Nguyễn Mạnh on 27/09/2013