LiMem - widget



Widget displays the data:

CPU usage.
Number of free (total) of RAM.
Charge level battery.
Battery temperature.
Battery voltage.
Number of free (total) swap memory size.
Uptime device.

Widget features:
4 the size: 1*1, 2*1, 1*2, 2*2.
Ability to display the maximum values.
Optionally hide units.
Optionally, make a short description of the parameters.
Select only the necessary evidence.
Automatic updates (on the screen for 5 seconds in the background 30 seconds).
Ability to manually update the tap on the right side of the widget.
Shutdown if screen off.
Ability to manually switch off the tap on the left side of the widget.
Economic use of the battery.
The small size of the application.

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