Line and Circle Intersection

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Line and Circle Intersection

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NOTE: Not working on Android 5.0 and above devices!

Enter coordinates for two points to describe line, radius of the circle and its center point to get coordinates for points of intersection between this line and circle. If there no such point you will get the shortest distance between line and center of the circle. Also you can change tolerance for calculation, which can be useful when you get strange answers like "no points of intersection", and at the same time distance from center point is equal to the radius. By default tolerance is set to 0.001 to avoid it, but you can change it to 0 (Zero)or any value as you wish.

N.B. Always check your Setting-Out and Calculation with different methods and common sense. Neither Developer nor Distributor of this program can NOT and will NOT be hold responsible for any mistakes which happened as a result of using or not using this program. By downloading and installing this program you agree to it and accept your own full responsibility.

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