Linkractor (Link Extractor) is simple yet superb tool to extract URLs / links from a webpage. This tool has many purposes, the most common one is for downloader, who oftens browse webpages to collect URLs / links to be imported in download manager application. This is a must have tool for download freak.
You can apply filter while extracting the URL / link, for example you can use *.mp3 to extract only mp3 URL. You can add many custom filter as you want.

How to use this:
1. Simply browse to page you want to extract URLs using any browser.
2. Select 'Share' menu in the browser, and select Linkractor
3. Select filter you want to apply in extracting the URLs
4. Select the action you want to do with the URLs result (for now, only copy to clipboard is available)
5. Click 'Extract'
6. Wait for several seconds, and there will be toast message notifying the result of extracting process

Known Limitations:
1. This application currently can only extract URLs from webpage that is available without session/login mechanism (eg. private forum)
2. This application currently can only extract URLs from standard "a href" tag. Further development will be done to parse URLs from other tags or scripts

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