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Typing in Nepali on your mobile just got easier! Lipikaar - a smart, easy to use and intuitive typing solution for Nepali. The best part is you don't need to switch keyboards or remember complicated key positions. Use your regular QWERTY English keyboard, and type any Nepali word effortlessly.

How to install Lipikaar Nepali Keyboard

Step 1:
Go to Settings >> Language and Keyboard >> Enable the Lipikaar Nepali Keyboard.
Step 2:
Open you desired application, for example, New SMS Message.
Keep your finger pressed in the typing area.
From the options, select "Input Method".
Now select Lipikaar Nepali from the list.

The keyboard is now activated and can be used for typing.
*Use the EN/NE key on the keyboard to toggle between Nepali and English.


How to type in Nepali with Lipikaar

Rule 1:
Repeatedly type the closest sounding key till you see the correct script character.
Type s once for स, twice for श and thrice for ष.
Also, to attach र to an alphabet as in क्र type r repeatedly after the alphabet.
For क्र, type krr.

Rule 2:
Type x after the character to get its half-character.
For स्वतंत्र type sxvtztxr ; For नमस्ते type nmsxte ; For जुत्ता type jutxta

Rule 3:
Type z to add a special symbol of the script.
For exampleं ़ ँ ः । ऽ ॐ


Over 1,00,000 people use Lipikaar to type emails, blogs, and documents in Nepali.
Lipikaar products include Windows Typing Software, Firefox Addons and plugins for Websites.
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